Why to Me?


  • Categoria: Nuove Scienze
  • Editore: Creative Space
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Pubblicazione: Febbraio, 2017
  • Pagine: 130

Do things happen by chance? Or is there a secret plan that makes everything happen in a set way? And if that’s really how things are, who or what decided for us? Why? These questions, which have always baffled human beings, now find an answer in quantum physics, the physics of possibilities. According to the new physics, we are the creators of reality. Instant after instant, we choose which of the infinite possible realities will take shape around us, and force it to emerge from the field of energy that pervades the whole Universe, linking every single particle. But if it’s really us that creates reality, why don’t we only create nice things? Why aren’t we all rich and happy? Why do things we don’t want keep happening to us? Why the accident? Why the loss of a loved one? Why the illness? This book doesn’t promise to change its readers’ futures, or to give them wealth or everlasting good health. What it does promise, however, is to offer an answer to the question that all of us, sooner or later, will end up asking ourselves: “Why Me?”

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